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Our Capabilities
Tool Design

We believe that engineering collaboration with our customers is critical to ensure we deliver castings of optimal yield and quality. Hence, our experienced engineerings leverage critical customer inputs and the latest CAD software and mould flow technology to design and simulate the casting process that meets the customer's stringent product specifications while optimizing yield and quality.


Die-casting is our forte and hence we do not outsource any of our high pressure die-casting production. Our experienced die-casting team operates industry standard cold chamber German and Japanese machines ranging from 135 tonnes to 840 tonnes. We have the capability to cast various aluminium specifications such as A360. ADC12, A380 and N14.


We have more than 150 CNC machines, supported by a trained, skilled and stable workforce that is capable of machining parts up to 2 micron tolerance. We also have in-house capability to perform helium and nitrogen leak tests as well as impregnation.

Paint & Assembly

Our newly installed painting line, will allow Teknicast to provide both wet paint and powder coating services ; with capability to perform chromate treatment prior to finishing coat. In addition, through our supplier network, we can also provide anodizing, as well as nickel and tin plating. In our quest to help our customers reduce costs, we can source auxiliary components through reputable local suppliers and provide in-house sub assembly work.


Technological advances and innovation have improved die-casting processes. In our continued drive to be cost competitive and to produce the best quality castings for our customers, we have embraced these technological advances.

Besides, leveraging mould flow desgins oftware, we have also invested in CMM X-ray machines, as well as vacumm, hot oil and squeeze pin technologies that can help to reduce porosity, infill and improve thin wall castings.

Warehouse Distribution

Customers require short lead times to serve their end markets while tightly managing working capital. Teknicast recognizes this and has warehouse distribution hubs in the United States (Minneapolis), Europe (Amsterdam and Haddenham), and Asia (Beijing) to better meet out customers' supply chain requirements. We consistently achieve customer average "on time delivery" of 95% or more.