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Flow Management

We supply high pressure, explosion proof aluminium castings to multinational customers who manufacture valves, actuators, regulators and precision control instruments that are used to manage the flow of liquids and gases in the oil and gas, power generation, water processing, chemical and food & beverage industries.


Our aluminium castings are used by our telecommunication customers who produce satellites and radar instruments for the marine and government satellites communication sectors.

Industrial Automation

Customers look to us to design and supply high pressure aluminium castings for various specialized equipment that they produce and market. Our customers' products and end user markets range from fuel dispensers for gas stations, and electric motor pumps for vapour recovery, to automation systems for textile spinning machines.


Leveraging our proven track record of consistently serving and fulfilling the stringent requirements of global industry leaders, we aspire to be a supplier to the healthcare medical device industry.


We cast aluminium components for various automotive customers that include compressors for air-conditioning, engine and gear covers for All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), and highly cosmetic parts for high end motocycles.