cnc machining services in malaysia


Trusted CNC Machining Services & Parts Supplier in Malaysia

At Teknicast, we take pride in being the foremost provider of CNC machining services in Malaysia. As a dedicated one-stop center, we cater to all your machining needs, eliminating the hassle of outsourcing and ensuring impeccable quality control – all within our cutting-edge aluminium die casting factory, right after the die casting process.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we supply precision CNC machined parts that surpass expectations. Our machining shops floor boasts an impressive lineup of 150 CNC machines, each operated by skilled artisans well-versed in the art of precision engineering.

As your trusted CNC machining parts supplier, we leave no room for compromises when it comes to quality. Our controlled processes and stringent quality control measures guarantee flawless finished machined parts, instilling confidence in the reliability of every aluminium casting part we deliver.

Partner with Teknicast today and unlock a seamless experience, where efficiency and precision are ensured. Experience the convenience of having all your machining requirements fulfilled under one roof, while enjoying the assurance of top-notch quality CNC machining in Malaysia.